Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Country For Old Doodles

Again I start to wonder if posting my various doodles and drawings is pointless or lacks focus. Then I think that no, it's not pointless. It keeps me doing stuff at least with some pace.

And after all, there might be at least one person who likes what I draw...Hi mom!

These are collected doodles and lifedrawings. With the latter I once again tried to bend my mind in a little bit different drawing style. The change of technique obviously helps and forces to draw different- looking lines. Also there's the usual ink stuff...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Lifedrawing Too Far

Hello hello,

it sure has been quiet aroud here. Last week I was on my winter vacation and we went skiing in the italian alps. That was great and my bones are still intact so that's not much of an excuse for the lack of updates...Actually during the holiday I didn't draw at all not even a line. So I guess that's why they call it holiday...

Here's at least one lifedrawing though (surprise surprise)! I've been doing some pretty fun stuff at work lately and it's too bad that I can't post any of that stuff here.