Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello and who were you again?

Huh, I've got no better at this updating business have I? But have I've been up to then? Well to start off with the good news, I switched my job and to the field of animation, yay!

I started in the start of the year as a Graphic Artist at Rovio Entertainment in the animation department. I've already been drawing quite a lot more than in my previous job. That drawing requires always some warm-ups so expect this blog to get filled with oodles of doodles again...

The team is soo talented that I really have to do my best to keep up and I do expect to learn a lot too. I mean I do know my animation, the theory, artists, studios, technique, history etc since I've been an animation buff for as long as I remember. But it's a whole different thing to do it...on this level at least and in actual production pipeline. It's not Auteur animation and I mean that in the most positive sense now ;)

Still. I have confidence in myself (for once). I know I can do a lot of the stuff there but I just need to get me warmed up :P

And as we all know, animation artists are one of those who are one of the best draughtsmen out there so practice is good and keeping up with the life drawings..essential. The birds only LOOK simple by their design btw. But to get a nyance in your line and expression to it in the simplest possible way...that's something to strive for!

So life drawings, searhing that loose feeling and not paying tooo much attention to anatomy. I'll go for Expression and fun. Doing it slow tends not to help.