Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pools of Nudes

Whoa..a new post? Already? Where did the several months go?

Joking aside, here's some life drawings from the last session. Still my scanner is not working so I had to take pics of these with my phone...

Tried something "new" which was just regular bottle ink and brush. The brush wasn't the best in getting a thin line so again had to adjust the style accordingly which always brings an interesting twist in thinking how you draw what you see. (plus some quick little pencil ones)

Friday, October 24, 2014

MEGA MEGA NUDE POST - oodles of doodles!

hey ya!

Same old song "it's been a while"and this time this post is no different! Bunch of life drawings...and I mean a BUNCH! They've accumulated during our life drawing sessions that I started to organize at Rovio Animation at some point.

Because I'm the editor of myself, no one supervises my quality/quantity -ratio so I thought I might as well dump the (almost) whole lot here :D yay!

Most of these are quick ones 1-3min, sometimes there's as long as 5-10min poses. As before I sometimes try to do things a bit differently by changing the tool I use or the way I go about defining what I see in front of me.

My recent forays into this are the orange ladies sitting on the chair (if you can make it out from them... the last ones in this post). With them I tried to get the figure down in few minutes by 1st defining the silhouette and then with a few black strokes get something out of the mass, limbs, pose etc.

Bare with me, scroll through them and click 'em BIGGER (NUDE!)