Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out of Croquis

The semi-regular life drawing sessions at Taidehalli have started again, so I'll keep posting that stuff here until something more substantial appears :)

These are mostly 5 min drawings with a couple of 10-15 min ones too. The funny thing is...that there reaally isn't much difference between those done in a short time and those done in a tad longer time. Maybe in terms of some more shading and more accurate depiction of the head area. I still want to do a really long pose someday and maybe even paint that. So here's waiting those retirement days then!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doodleland in the year 2010

Gee, it's a whole new decade. That's sci-fi.

But I on the other hand haven't evolved to digital or any other than pencil, pen and paper doodles on my spare time on dry land.

So I present you once again with the collected doodles and random scribbles from various scrap papers. (Click for a bigger and better view.)

But! I promise that this year, I will deliver something a bit more substantial. I just won't promise you when :) (I can hear my millions of "followers" gasp right about now.)