Friday, July 18, 2014

Oldies Goldies again - Trips to Happy Accidents of the past

I visited my old grandparents house where my mom had stored my old paintings and drawings. They're ranged from elementary school to high school times.

I was glad to see some that I had totally forgotten but remember feeling content with back then. Now they of course many of them seem quite silly or technically poor. Nevertheless I liked to revisit them now and see from where I've come and what where my main influences in terms of subject or medium.

Animation was a big thing at an early age so I've included some pictures I copied from Disney's Fantasia when I was in my early elementary school. Also one of my 1st (and few) paintings was inspired by The Black Cauldron :)

Then there's the usual suspects fantasy subjects, star wars, Marvel comics, dinosaurs, samurais and yeah that ever fascinating Alien :D Combination of animation and V -series is the painted "cell" over a sky background huhuh nerdy freaky.

And to be honest from some of these I think I haven't made ANY progress since :D

An early SERIOUS portrait of my mom

Frazetta/Death Dealer -inspired BASS player from hell:

Monday, July 14, 2014

The league of ordinary life drawings

A post, a post! And within a month (or so) from previous! Am I coming back to life (drawing)? Of course I am.

So here's a series of collected life drawings done during some preiod of time. Style varies on purpose a bit. Time limit has been really short and longer but max 5 min.

I particularly enjoyed taking the stumps of my childhood crayons that I still have and try to do something with those. The medium forced me to go a different path again which was nice (those blue/orange men).

Click for a closer look.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Teen's oldie goldie samurai-ish

Phew time flies...when you have no or little free time etc. So it's been almost 2 months without a post.

Well there's no material of my own to post anyways...yet so that's why I dug out some OOOLD stuff! These stand as examples of certain influences a young sensitive artist confronted...which are in these ones obviously blade runner and samurais. Can't really get much clichéd than that! Ok Blade Runner obviously was influenced my samurais as well...hmm. There really isn't any original ideas out there anymore now is there?

The samurai is from high school I think. Testing those watercolors and inking with a brush. It looks like I've been inking with stick though.

The Deckard dragon is probably a bit older as I've been testing coloring with my airbrush which I bought with my confirmation present money, heh thanks Jesus!

But it was such fun to come across these oldies goldies in a box that I had to use them as CPR to the blog!