Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Gool ol' CPR

Dang...has this been my longest break since the last post?

Well... dunno how many read the blogger anymore ooor check this blog anyways :D Maybe I should do a Tumblr or whatever is the shit at the moment. I do however post a bit more frequently on Instagram so if you wanna follow me there, please do so here :)

And I could copypaste from my previous post... went to do lifedrawing after a pause of hmmm dunno... can very well be half a year!! So yes felt rusty and desperate and was trying during that one session with different approaches but surprisingly only with two different mediums...

Click for a bigger view.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Hello and who are you again?"

... I hear you say. Went life drawing after a pause of months. Drawing felt a bit rusty but was enjoying to jot down again the 3D form on a 2D plane with ballpoint and ink.

Click for a closer look!