Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look mum I doodled

Yeeeaaaaaaah...I still draw, which is good that I have kept the equipment and kept practicing. Soon I have to decide what I really want to draw.

When I have time for that I mean. One thing I need to do soon is to give this blog a proper design. It's kinda embarrassing for a "world renowned graphic designer" to go on with the default template. I won't even mention my "portfolio"'s purely utilitarian at the moment and even sucks at that kkrrhhm! Have I mentioned User Interface design as my competence at some point? But of course for REAL jobs it's a different game and yes let's face it, motivation. Oh no not motivation I have that but concentration..

That part is rarely lying on the home desk. Where could I buy some?

Sooo yes about this post? Well you know it already, random stuff. Doodles schmoodels in all shapes and sizes and styles I strive to vary. I think I'm just not fit for picking one style and sticking with it. No matter what the "How to be an illustrator" -books say. Of course now some friends will say "I can identify your drawings!" Yes granted, it's impossible to completely escape your "line" (and mannerisms!) but still I beg to differ that there ain't one style or characters that I would have polished to my kind of diamond.

I just have a bunch of dirty cole pieces lying around! But I really am a firm believer what the good ol' John K. has said that once you get the basics good in your drawing and design sensibilities, there's nothing you can't do.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rusty and dusty

I know I've posted quite some life drawings on this blog. I'd like to see some advancement in them..but yesterday when I drew these, it felt like I was drawing such for the first time. Maybe 'cause there had been some pause but someties is just about the day. The level of concentration varies and hand sometimes feels like it made of metal.

So not my favorites and but maybe I learned something while trying.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Dr. Doodle's orders

As Dr. Doodle orders, keep the pencil moving, yes...I try to do that.

This is a good ol' doodle post with some Dr. Skethy's lifedrawings drawn at the Animatricks festival club.

When there has been time from day work and other happenings I've lately done again some freelancing. Actually I thought I should post soon some sketches from that or those projects here.