Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scraping the doodle barrel part I

Hey hey, look alive! Here's some update again and not a moment too soon ;) The serial pictures, also referred as comics or as in the other case a storyboard were done at this Character Design workshop. It was organised as a 4-day course. The 1st part took place during the comics festival and the 2nd during Animatricks -festival for which I was the Head of Programming. Which was nice.

These were done really quickly so they are a bit unfinished and can be difficult to follow :D . 30 minutes time for the comic and 10-15 minutes for the storyboard. The comic exercise was part of lecture held by comic artist Sascha Hommer The idea was to pick to random words from a basket and improvise a comic based on those I didn't sketch any, just drew it. My words were "lottery win" and "birth of a child". They obviously do ring together quite nicely. But I thought what if the father isn't that happy about the child but eventually just finds the baby useful. I'm horrible, I know :D

The storyboard -exercise was part of a interesting lecture by designer and animation director Eliza Jäppinen She had with her self-made stuffed animals/creatures. So we did a short exercise in small groups..playing with stuffed animals :) We improvised a story based on the characters. Then after we had played it out to others we had to make storyboard version of it.

The third picture has some sketches which were part of an assignment given by character designer and animator Ulla Bergström. Between the two festivals we're supposed to draw people in "the wild". I should have done more but that's always the case!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Quest for the doodle

Slow it has been. So here's actually on Oldie Goldie that's a favourite of mine. I did it as a birthday present to my mother in 2004. It shows her as a little, lilliput size girl riding a tortoise (which is of course referring to our pet Yoda) in a magical forest.

Unfortunately it's not a scan but I just took a photo of it with my phone in it's frames on the wall :) So excuse me the low quality.