Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All The President's Doodles

See, see, I'm picking speed again...a post again! Until it's gonna be quiet again here 'cause I'm gonna go sailing for the whole next week in Greece :) But I'll hope fill some sketchbook pages there too!

So, I present you, random doodles, lines, curves and scribbles!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Comic Sketches Part II

This megapost continues the previous one...

I haven't been very productive this year. This is obvious from the amount of posts that I've been making to this blog during the past 6 months.

I and some work buddies got an idea. Since there's many of us there who are interested in comics or who have even done them, why wouldn't we make a comic book of our own. This got to a pretty speedy start which then fell flat on it's face when we missed the original deadline. Then came the summer vacations and..well you know the story.

I for my part was very ashamed that I haven't got my comic done yet. If you put laziness and lack of spine aside one big reason is that I haven't arrived to my starting point. Which at this case is the style. I want to do this comic in a bit different style, try to draw differently or at least in some way break free from my mannerisms.

These doodles and those in the previous post are collected from 15 A4 papers and were filled with either straightly related doodles or just random warming up doodles. These are more of a spill of frustration and that's why I posted almost all of them :)

I still haven't arrived there yet but the first one with some quick color is a step towards that.