Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Orange Is The New Black


Well my last post was in November. What has happened since and why havent I posted anything?

First of all I quit my job at the Rovio Animation Studio to join a startup animation company called Gigglebug. It's been great but also quite busy. To add to that I've been busy with trying to do my best in organizing the upcoming Animatricks animation festival in Helsinki on the 24th of April 2015.

It had been also months since I've done any life drawing. I did feel a bit rusty but so much as I'd expected probably due to teh fact that storyboarding and also doing layout for the Gigglebug series has kept my (cintiq) pen moving. Which is nice. But I will need to find to start to again draw some own stuff.

When I look back in this blog I sometimes wonder "did I draw all of that?!". Even if they're just doodles, I just don't do it as much anymore not for a long time. That has to change!

One step is getting back to the life drawings so here's some of those. 15-10minutes ones in pencil and having fun again with color and bw line 5min each (click for bigger view):