Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Left Lifedrawing

This time around I tried again to draw in a slightly different way than usually. The change of techniques is obvious but I also tried to force my hand to move the pen differently almost every time. The time available certainly varied from 15/10 minutes in the gray ones and 5 min in the rest. My "style" is of course visible still but in some of these I think I succeeded. The model is the same in every drawing but her slender look is really portrayed only in couple of these.

My favorites are the ones with the green tint. I think they have a certain playfulness and almost a flirting quality at least when juxtaposed with each other.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Shop of Lifedrawings

Good to be back ;)! Actually I should be doing stuff but I'll give the good ol' in-out for the blogi and be off me way.

So croquis it is after a while. Towards the end of the session I tried to keep it simple. The color blotch is a warm up drawing that I did on top of some water color remains from the burlesque session...

Next time I'd like to go to a bit more traditional in the sense that I'm gonna pick up some charcoals if they haven't already crumbled at the bottom of the drawer.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Burlesque lifedrawing!

Last night I attended the Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art-School featuring Miss Sugar Kane (FIN), which was part of the first official Helsinki Burlesque -festival. So it was drinking and drawing a beautiful woman, what could be better! The mood at Dubrovnik (the bar) was inspired and fun.
I think I should have stylized more but they turned out ok. After all, Miss Sugar Kane went through the drawings and picked mine as the one to win the men's festival t-shirt yay :)!

The "winner" -pic is the one at the bottom of the first layout and those on top of it are a warp-up drawing (mind model :) and some of the fast first ones with Miss S. Kane. I myself do like the middle one of those with it's baby doll -face even though it's not "accurate".

Thank you very much to Mira and Saija for inviting me!