Friday, February 01, 2008

Burlesque lifedrawing!

Last night I attended the Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art-School featuring Miss Sugar Kane (FIN), which was part of the first official Helsinki Burlesque -festival. So it was drinking and drawing a beautiful woman, what could be better! The mood at Dubrovnik (the bar) was inspired and fun.
I think I should have stylized more but they turned out ok. After all, Miss Sugar Kane went through the drawings and picked mine as the one to win the men's festival t-shirt yay :)!

The "winner" -pic is the one at the bottom of the first layout and those on top of it are a warp-up drawing (mind model :) and some of the fast first ones with Miss S. Kane. I myself do like the middle one of those with it's baby doll -face even though it's not "accurate".

Thank you very much to Mira and Saija for inviting me!

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