Sunday, October 10, 2010

He lives

Just a a quick post of a drawing I found lying around. The type design (I don't the designer..) is a leaflet I picked up when the university of Helsinki was havin their elections. So while sitting at the bar, I drew our forever young über-president.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ich bin ein Wunderbaum - high school stuff

I'll continue my Oldies Goldies -posts. With these I was at the same time pleasently surprised that I didn't grin in horror when looking at them but at the sae time thinking that have I improved so little.

These character design sketches were done when I was in high school (circa 95-96). A group consistings of a young and older animation enthusiasts and an animation veteran was thinking about an animation short. I don't remember why it didn't start going forward but I guess that's the case usually anyway.

The character in the synopsis was this wooden puppet (not Pinocchio). And I think we were discussing the name of Wunderbaum for it or it might have been that I just scribbled that next to the sketches. So here are the sketches I drew mostly on the spot. There's a couple of variations on the character. I also included some sketches to samurai character to a short animation that a friend and I were thinking about. Pure gold :D