Sunday, September 09, 2012

Old promises

Hey and how are you? I'm fine and maybe not so busy in the evenings as I've been the last half year or so. Doing freelance work can get tiresome in addition to a new daytime job where you're still (even with my age) a beginner in the particular job I'm currently doing (animation layout artist).

Life drawing sessions started again so at least those will be appearing here. The zombie was some older doodle that I meant to color/paint but never got around to it.

So expect more sketchy stuff from me in the not so distant future and with brisker pace.

And speaking of layouts..I've been getting many comments on that I have the basic template on my blog. I can say now that I suck at web page editing and similar but maybe the next thing could be that I spice up the blog's visual appearance a bit, shoemaker's sons shoes...