Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fumetti! Il Incontro Con Dei Carabinieri!

Ciao a tutti! I meant to post this already a while back. It's a comic exercise drawn (fast - on the previous night) for the script class I attended some time ago. The idea of this exercise was to take some real-life memory or incident, take it to a certain point where the real life story ends and there happens a "what if" moment. That means that I continued the story from that point how it could have gone - exaggerating slightly :P

You can guess where that point is. Click the images bigger. The translations for the few finnish texts are:
Panel 1: It was year 2002. I was doing a student exchange in Turin...
Panel 2: One night, we were returning from a proper bar night with my finnish friend (Kai=maybe)
Then some sound effects here and there: kick! Slap! Swipe..