Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm still here to put this. My last post was in February which was a long time ago. A lot has happened since, a lot of heavy and sad things and a lot of work. In the middle of all that and even if there was the summer vacation which restored me back to life, I haven't returned to this blog since.

But now I have. Things are much better again in my life and I'm getting a grip again on doing my own stuff for a change . Even if it would not be big or special I feel that continuing this blog is important for me.

They might not show it in an obvious way but the doodles and scribbles do reflect me in some way. It's unavoidable. Also in general I like to keep my drawing light and not very labored...that's why I very rarely do "finished and polished" works. I know I should at least to teach myself new stuff. But still I think my "style" if ever there's such, is the iconoclastic and towards the feeling of things and not so much to the craft of it.

But I also think "why not do it all just for the kick of it?"

We'll see. Anyway here's to get back on the track some totally random doodles done without much thinking but just with a feling and sensation of the moment and the mediums feel on the paper.

Plus a lot of doodles from sitting in meetings which is of course very productive ;)

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