Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from the dead - doodles

Hi folks!

Remember me? Don't sulk...I know I've been a bad boy, lazy and all. But you have every right to be fed up with me..let's see, last update was in MARCH for Pete's sake! That's over 4 months!!

I won't make any promises, better that way but here are some collected doodles again (mainly from work meeting/doodles). They are at least something I might add :) I haven't been drawing very much in the months between and frankly I'm starting to think that I'm losing it...ability to draw that is, my mental state is against all odds still quite on the level.

The next update that will be arriving soonish™ will have a bunch of the stuff that I have been doing or drawing of late. That is the several A4s that I've filled with sketches trying to find the look and style that I'd like to draw my next comic (what was that?! Did I hear correctly?). Which is the "anthology that me and my mates at work decided to whip up...very slowly though. But more on that in the next update...stay tuned people, don't lose your hope on me :)!