Sunday, July 30, 2006

Have been away for a while again. I was doing the tradiotional finnish summer stuff meaning that I spent a few days at a cabin beside a lake. It was great, nice warm weather, barbecue, sauna everyday and swimming. There was no running water, electricity and thus noo internet :) Did some reading too but shame on me, I didn't draw one line even though I had my pens with me. I'm really trying to pick up again the habit that I once had, drawing something each day.

I got up this morning and doodled this rather quickly, came out ok I think, a bit of 20's there I guess. Pencil is also a wonderful medium when you pick it up every once in while since it seems that these days the pen is my weapon of choice of doodling.

It's also of course clear that the medium tends to influence the way you draw, for obvious reasons.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Well, he looks like a mean son of a bitch.

It seems that when picking up a tool that you haven't used for a while it sparks some rare spontaneous doodling. This one had a nice energy in I post it.

No really, as I read ages ago from this first real guide in finnish on drawing comics (Piirrä Sarjakuvaa! K. Ahlqvist - A. Kutila): "The Brush, the most difficult, the most expensive and the best."

Maybe someday...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Amazing! Two posts in one day, I must be sick.

This is actually another post of this image (posted it already at sorry about that.

I rediscovered drawing with the nib pen and ink. This pic really hasn't got a clue but it was fun to quickly doodle.

I'm BACK! Got my summer vacation going on at the moment, taking it easy and did some traveling too. The traveling part didn't go too well though. First of all my purpose of the trip to London was to go and see a concert of the composer legend Ennio Morricone (himself conducting). Just a mere day before leaving for the trip I read that the concert has been cancelled. You may understand that a few not so nice words came out of my mouth that moment. The really "funny" part of it was that I couldn't cancel my flight anymore and get my money back. So I took the blow and just decided, what the heck I'll do a regular tourist/shopping trip instead. Money got well spent on comics, books, DVDs and CDs. Now I'm feeling a bit guilty about that. For a moment that is...

I also went to a couple of interesting museums/gallerys. The Cartoon (not as in animation) Museum and The Political Cartoon Gallery. Those were really interesting!

OK, enough now with the blabbering and I'll post a few pics. These are again just random and fast sketching that I have done during idle hours of work. They are done with red and blue pencils for which I have developed an interest through looking at animator's drawings. I just like the visual touch that they bring together.

Oh and I'm sorry, the one pic does contain some nudity and chicks with tits and asses, pardon.