Sunday, July 30, 2006

Have been away for a while again. I was doing the tradiotional finnish summer stuff meaning that I spent a few days at a cabin beside a lake. It was great, nice warm weather, barbecue, sauna everyday and swimming. There was no running water, electricity and thus noo internet :) Did some reading too but shame on me, I didn't draw one line even though I had my pens with me. I'm really trying to pick up again the habit that I once had, drawing something each day.

I got up this morning and doodled this rather quickly, came out ok I think, a bit of 20's there I guess. Pencil is also a wonderful medium when you pick it up every once in while since it seems that these days the pen is my weapon of choice of doodling.

It's also of course clear that the medium tends to influence the way you draw, for obvious reasons.

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