Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Firstly, sorry for all pingstate.nu -members for the repost of old stuff here again. It's just that I have posted there some really baad pics that I would like to delete somehow but some we're ok. So to keep this thing here going I'm gonna do a bit of recycling, why? Because I'm lazy that's why :).

So this comic was done as a tight schedule entering into a competion at my school back then in the year 2003. The comics category had a subject titled "Kuolee vaikeasti" that translates roughly "Hard to kill", sounds like a Van Damme -movie yeah. It seems I was feeling romantic at the time and since I like comics without words that leave the narration to the pictures, this one turned out to be like that. The idea may be a bit corny but generally I was pleased to the result and that I managed to get something done at all!

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