Thursday, August 03, 2006

Seriously my possible visitors, you have to comment and tell me when I need to take a break and think before posting random scribblings or whatever :)

I just had the feeling that I have to post something and since I didn't have anything fresh at hand, I dug the corpse storage/basement/hard drive for some doodles. Most of these sketches and those that I have already posted have been drawn on scrap paper corners and occasionally in the sketchbook when I wasn't daunted by the beautiful blank page. I've scanned several of them in with a hope that I would continue them somehow. I think most of them are better to just leave the way they are.

I know they are rough too but I kinda like the sweaty exec men sketches...

Also the rude boys received my sympathy and avoided the trashbin.

These are actually quite different from each other in means of style or technique. I've been kinda exploring I suppose. Or just having fun, you decide :)

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  1. I love the striped four-legged character in the second screenshot!