Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A break from the sketches, this one is actual work. These are four of nine images I did for a salsa hamburger TV commercial, yes really, a hamburger commercial :) . It was a real fun to do. The idea was quite unusual from the beginning and I was thinking, can they actually do this. What I did was based on a script and the guys at the Motel Royal production company animated my still images by panning, zooming and adding some blooood splatters, yes! The schedule was reaally tight and I wish I'd had more time to tweak the images but still I think they came out ok and had the grim feeling that they asked me for. The bottom image was not used in the final spot 'cause they wanted to hide the chef as much as possible.
The end result was quite good in it's own fun and corny way and looked pretty cool for a hamburger commercial and it was certainly unconventional :). Now, I did receive permission to publish these images here or in the portfolio (when it's time to do a new one...) but I'm not so sure about the actual commercial. Those ones who saw it probably remember it when you see these. Please don't use these images anywhere else.

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