Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't judge a comic by it's covers

I realized that I hadn't posted this image before.

It was firstly a picture that I made as a contribution to a great book called: Pingstate Art of a Visual Community. It has many many many many wonderful artworks and is a nice gift for a friend interested in visual culture.

Secondly this is a "unofficial" cover for the comic that me and Eija Lappalainen did for the Sarjis 2007 comics competition. You can find my posts about it here, here, here and here :)

It served more as an inspirational artwork, as an entry for the aforementioned book and as a start for work with the actual comic.

But the cover certainly has it's roots firmly in the story of the short comic. The Helsinki comics festival was held again last weekend. As usual I was solely on the reader's side of the tables so I decided that I might as well publish online the only comic that I've been able to produce during the last 2 years :/

That will be the next post.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Night of The Living Burlesque Art

An update, an update, we have an update :)!

Every year in Helsinki there is the Night of The Arts where there are hundreds of different happenings with music, theatre, dance, film etc.

One of these things was the Dr. Sketchy's in the window of a bookstore. They were handing out drawing supplies to people passing by to draw the Burlesque models posing in the window. Pretty cool.

These are uncencored scans (=even the crappy ones included, nothing dirtier than that ;) of what I drew of the poses.