Thursday, December 02, 2010

Quest for the doodle

Slow it has been. So here's actually on Oldie Goldie that's a favourite of mine. I did it as a birthday present to my mother in 2004. It shows her as a little, lilliput size girl riding a tortoise (which is of course referring to our pet Yoda) in a magical forest.

Unfortunately it's not a scan but I just took a photo of it with my phone in it's frames on the wall :) So excuse me the low quality.


  1. Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Anonymous3/12/10 08:30

    WoW! It was worth waiting. Definitely amazing! :)

  3. Anonymous6/1/11 00:05

    Nice present. We say Tortoise holds the world on its shoulders. It's a compliment to your mum if she symbolizes the world to your eyes. Maybe too much Oedipian but who cares? :D