Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look mum I doodled

Yeeeaaaaaaah...I still draw, which is good that I have kept the equipment and kept practicing. Soon I have to decide what I really want to draw.

When I have time for that I mean. One thing I need to do soon is to give this blog a proper design. It's kinda embarrassing for a "world renowned graphic designer" to go on with the default template. I won't even mention my "portfolio"'s purely utilitarian at the moment and even sucks at that kkrrhhm! Have I mentioned User Interface design as my competence at some point? But of course for REAL jobs it's a different game and yes let's face it, motivation. Oh no not motivation I have that but concentration..

That part is rarely lying on the home desk. Where could I buy some?

Sooo yes about this post? Well you know it already, random stuff. Doodles schmoodels in all shapes and sizes and styles I strive to vary. I think I'm just not fit for picking one style and sticking with it. No matter what the "How to be an illustrator" -books say. Of course now some friends will say "I can identify your drawings!" Yes granted, it's impossible to completely escape your "line" (and mannerisms!) but still I beg to differ that there ain't one style or characters that I would have polished to my kind of diamond.

I just have a bunch of dirty cole pieces lying around! But I really am a firm believer what the good ol' John K. has said that once you get the basics good in your drawing and design sensibilities, there's nothing you can't do.

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