Friday, July 18, 2014

Oldies Goldies again - Trips to Happy Accidents of the past

I visited my old grandparents house where my mom had stored my old paintings and drawings. They're ranged from elementary school to high school times.

I was glad to see some that I had totally forgotten but remember feeling content with back then. Now they of course many of them seem quite silly or technically poor. Nevertheless I liked to revisit them now and see from where I've come and what where my main influences in terms of subject or medium.

Animation was a big thing at an early age so I've included some pictures I copied from Disney's Fantasia when I was in my early elementary school. Also one of my 1st (and few) paintings was inspired by The Black Cauldron :)

Then there's the usual suspects fantasy subjects, star wars, Marvel comics, dinosaurs, samurais and yeah that ever fascinating Alien :D Combination of animation and V -series is the painted "cell" over a sky background huhuh nerdy freaky.

And to be honest from some of these I think I haven't made ANY progress since :D

An early SERIOUS portrait of my mom

Frazetta/Death Dealer -inspired BASS player from hell:


  1. Anonymous29/7/14 23:06

    Some nice stuff! How old were you ?

    How are you btw ?

    -a former french colleague

  2. Anonymous7/8/14 10:02

    Cool stuff ! I like the skeleton fetus and the dude on the throne! Ed