Friday, October 27, 2006

It's been a bit slow around here. I'm trying to pick up some speed again! I went today for the annual Animatricks animation festival here in Helsinki and saw The Ugly Duckling & ME!, a CG animation film by the danish A-Film. I liked it! It really differed from the american mainstream animation features in it's design, humour and handling of the story. Of course it's not a Pixar film from a technical point of view but still they had done a pretty darn good job! Then there was a 2 hour collection (first of two) of new and recent finnish animation. There were several really good ones and that gives hope for the animation industry here.
These pics have nothing to do with animation but are in fact more recent sketches that I did while on the trip at the Azores. A lake and trees and some of the view from our hotel window. I really need to draw more landscapes and buildings, sheesh...

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  1. Oh I just love the tree!

    My birthday´s coming up, draw something for me. Please! just something small. Hint: these kind of watercolors really do it for me!