Sunday, November 12, 2006

Now something a bit different. Yes, it is a photo and although you might think that it is from the warehouses of 20th Century Fox ;D it was actually an alien "bust" made by a me and my good friend Mikko Paakkunainen when we were 17 or 18. We did it during art classes and boy, it took a few of them to get this done...
It was basically life-size and we were quite proud of it. Of course it wasn't all accurate in design of the original Alien but it was the first try on the "3D" I mean (I had done something like a hundred doodles of the creature by that time).
I'm saying how it was because it got battered several times in it's diffrent storage places and when I moved to Helsinki it fell a couple of times to the floor (or my head). That's the reason why the "shoulder" is cracked and plaster is showing through. So finally I got fed up with it and got rid of it. It should have been burned with gasoline or something but the garbage storage where I threw it, did have a garbage compactor of some sort. So it got the fitting death/funeral.
I'm sure that I'll do another one someday!


  1. "I had done something like a hundred doodles of the creature by that time"

    I bet something like thousand would be more accurate ;)

  2. :D yeah Mikko, I bet you saw some of those drawn on the corners of swedish course books! Had to make use of them somehow.

  3. Anonymous25/9/10 01:12

    The light gives them an organic appearance, wet, almost viscous. They seem to be real.
    Swedish books? Well, don't throw them then... :)