Monday, October 29, 2007

Doodlecollection again + animated doodles!

The Animatricks Animation Festival is over for this year. Five days of animation screenings and I went to most of them...whew. It did get a bit tough at some point...Anyway it was great to see a lot of good animated shorts from Finland and other Nordic and Baltic countries.
The Master Class held by Paul Driessen was very inspiring and gave tools for thought. I didn't get any actual animation done on that too short of a day but maybe I'll do at least pencil test versions of the ideas I wrote down.
But! Here's at least some animated stuff ;) While I was waiting for the second last screening I doodled some sequential stuff to the festival catalog's note pages! I just couldn't resist testing out..would it actually move. It would use some inbetweening but hey it's just a doodleman!

Oh and the usual collected doodles page here too---

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