Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gobelins Summer School doodles

Hey, it's been almost 2 months since my last post...shame on me! I've been on my summer vacation but on the summer vacation I attended the Gobelins character animation summer school in Paris.
To put it simply: it was great! Met a bunch of wonderful people whom I'm missing already. It was an intense 2 weeks. Information overload and huge inspiration at the same time. Not to was all in Paris. Doesn't every artist want to do something there at some point :)?

I was one of the few there who didn't have a background of an actual animator but as those few who follow by blog know, I'm an animation buff and have been that since I was a kid.

So this was my 1st and possibly last actual or formal training in animation. But from now on I hope to start implementing what I learned in the summer school and on my own in the many years that have passed.

This post has doodles from my sketch/notebook. So they are again reaaally random doodles from the pages of extensive notes made during the school. Also one image is a collection of some jolly doodles guys and gals did while we were enjoying the cheapest beer in Paris..I think the place was called appropriately Bistro Des Artistes :D

The short animation exercises done at the summer school I still have to finish and then I can post them here..At some point :P

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