Monday, September 19, 2011

Those damned croquis again!

Oh yes, want it or not I've got some croquis for you. I tried to find balance with anatomic accuracy and exaggeration. Some work but many don't so I have to try not to try harder next time :)

The pencil ones are 10min and the ones on brown paper 5min poses.


  1. Auuuugh, man!! These are brilliant! Some muscle definitions are a bit off but I like how freely you've drawn all these.
    I love the brown paper croquis...!

  2. thx again Nicole! Yeah..the anatomy is secondary in life-drawing, right ;D? Aiming and trying to find my spontaneous can be hard for a finn you know ;)
    Btw I must warmly recommend these books (u prob. know them already):
    Those concept I've gradually tried to get more into my drawings. Going for and finding the story and purpose in poses and cheating a bit on the expense of anatomy. No point in replicating but more to enhance the feeling and direction, expression etc. even if it means stick figures!