Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hard vs. Soft - Peace vs. Agony

These life drawing modes contain a couple of my own recent favorites. The female model was this really calm young woman and a nice peaceful air to her and then as a contrast on another session there was this man who has to move around with sticks, making his moving look sometimes agonizing. He was tall and his body looked really strong but he still was limited in movement and expressing by motion. I was mesmerized by this and wanted to express this feeling in my drawings with the line quality, composition and forms. So I was again also pushing myself to draw something beoynd what I see and not get caught up on the "realistic".

It was fun and liberating to just feel the pen on the paper conveying what I felt and thought.

I think I got it on some of these but then's such a subjective exprience that it always doesn't translate to others :)

Some are really quick 1 minute intuitive ones and some had more time to explore.

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