Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rusty toenails

Hmm one does get quickly rusty at lifedrawing or maybe it was a bit of a pain just because it's always hard.

Anyway again interesting was that in the white paper ones I was testing a new ink brushpen and quickly it came clear that I can't do teh same kinda big and bold moves with that as with some other similar pen so I had to adapt on the spot. I began to draw really small. It was challenging 'cause trying to get shapes and pose down in 5 minutes in some degree of accuracy in a small space didn't make it quicker. On the contrary I really had to look on how will I create the depth and intersection of body parts with minul lines. It was a very good exercise in overlap and line width- and direction.

That's why I like and hate drawing. Every time it feels like the first time.

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