Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Left and right lifedrawing

Wow a post so soon after the last one! Well it's kinda a continuation on the last post in the sense that I immeadetly witnessed that every time you start fresh and it sucks.

It was a bad drawing day to say it simply but I think it was a combination of being tired, lacking focus and the fact that it felt like my left brain was fighting with the right. On the other hand I was like "yeaaa I'll just whip this thing on the paper boom!" but also on the other hand "wait wait, hold on now for one darn minute. Put down the main line, directional axis, weight, boxes etc etc and use what you've just been studying". The end result being something in the middle and not really using in the end the half ass construction shit I'd put down. Thinking too much and that froze me up and I could barely get the 5 minute poses done.

Oh well, even if it was a struggle, it was fun to use 20 year old felt pens of mine which barely gave any colour and thus slowed me down a bit but threw me off to try something a bit different maybe. Which was nice.

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