Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another tryout

I did this political cartoon for an editorial cartoon -competition a while ago here in Finland. It didn't receive any accolades. I was a bit lost when once again I really started working on some pictures for this only a few days before the deadline. I hadn't really found a suitable style and all three that I did ended up looking a bit different from each other. I think I also raised my standard too high in the sense that I looked for inspiration and level of thought and execution from Quino :)
They really would have had more feeling to them if I had developed a bit more on the style but would also have avoided overwriting ideas into one image.
I was the most content with this one, it has an international subject matter and no need for translation. But is it funny? Not in particular. I wanted it have more a satirical slap in the face -feel and criticism on the policies of particular countries.

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