Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crestock tryout

As these things usually go, I decided to start doing an entry for a competition the night before the deadline. Quick and dirty then.

The idea in the (annual) Crestock Photoshop competition was to make an apocalyptic christmas "card" based on the given stock images. I went for a kind of an animated short -feel on the characters here.

One irritating thing was that it seems my monitor at home shows colours a bit too dark, especially in the red area. I realized this when I checked the image on the monitor at my work place. It looked like crap. I did a couple of quick fixes and sent it off.

I'm just happy that I did something. Makes me want to do more digital painting again.

You can check it out here and cast a vote if you like it and want to go through the trouble of registering :)

There's this one image that I feel is a sure winner. It has a good consistent style, conceived with care and a refreshingly not so bleak take on the subject:

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