Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crawling scribble peeple

While going to a party elsewhere, I quickly participated to the international Sketchcrawl day. Here's info on it:
What is a "SketchCrawl"?
In short, roughly every 3 months we put a call out to people around the world to join in, put pen to paper on a given day for as long as they can (be it 20 minutes or 8 hours) drawing, sketching, journaling about their day and what's around them. For a day, slow down, look around you, see ... and draw or write. Record your day. No specific level of skill is expected ! Anyone is welcome.

SketchCrawl international forum with all the events:

This event in Helsinki, April 21:

So I sat into a cafe in the middle of busy Helsinki, grabbed a cappuccino and a bun. I sat there for a generous half an hour and alongside sipping the brew I made some quick glances and scribbled the impressions down. It was good exercise again..need to do that more often.

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