Monday, April 16, 2012

I see doodle people

Heyheyhey, back with some collected doodlings. The oldest in this bunch are from around 2009 from a sketchbook I've forgotten that I had.

Also in this post I included some caricatures I made of people during the Kuvita! 1st Nordic Illustration Festival which I helped to organize too. On sunday I was just supposed to sit in the cafe of the Design Museum and draw people there. Some of them asked specifically to be drawn and some I just drew silently. I took photos of the drawings since the originals ended up in Kuvittajat Ry archives...

The interesting part was that I had promised to do this 'cause there didn't happen to be anyone else available for that specific time slot aaaand that I really haven't done caricatures before. Of course I've done lifedrawing but this was something totally different.

I know that they're not caricatures in the sense that they would be funny or looking exactly like the subject. But certainly this was excellent practice of observation and trying to find the essential with sometimes just a few seconds glance at someone..

Click for bigger view with the collected doodles. Some of them I could have just thown to the bin (as I did after scanning) but I find it nice to preseve them somehow to see development if any. Also they can spring up ideas later on for "better" drawings.

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  1. nice littles doodles, we want to see more!