Friday, June 02, 2006

I just scanned a lot of scribbles and doodles from various scrap papers and such that I have had lying around at work. Meetings, presentations etc. can really be really effective doodling time but let's get one thing straight, I'm still always paying attention ;)!

Not many of them caught my eye in the sense that I would want to post them at once but rather I'll let them gather dust on my hard drive and mayybe I'll take them further...

Anyways, the picture here is a sketch of a boat that I drew at a beach in Sopot, Poland. Pia and I went there over a week ago. It was great. I enjoyed Sopot and Warsaw and definitely want to visit them again.

I really hadn't touched watercolors in a long time so it was fun. Just to sit on the warm sunny beach and draw transported me to another time. The atmosphere was great with all the fishing boats, smell of fish and the seagulls flying about.

Watercolor is a great medium but it's also damn difficult. There's not much room for mistakes...if you don't want them that is. This is more on the "traditional" side then.

It seems that I made a post today after all. Tomorrow I have to get up 5 am to drive my parents to the airport, sheeesh...

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