Thursday, June 08, 2006

I've been a bit busy lately at work and home so not much posts, sorry. So I decided to look trough the harddrive to find some decent enough old material. The bad thing about old material is's old. The good thing might be that you can see some improvement happening. Also you can wonder what on earth have I been thinking when I did that.

So I dug up these two zombies! I guess at the time I was living in Italy and had discovered the work of italian Dino Battaglia and his moody horror comics. So these drawings I did to my sketchbook straight with a pen while listening a lecture on the history of italian illustration. When I finally scanned them I did the mistake of adding some cheesy photoshop thingies on them. They really would have functioned better on their own. Especially the dotted effect behing the zombie is horrible but the greys added to the bg of the Stalker work OK. I did post them once at the -forum and they have been rotting on the hard drive since. So bring out your dead, I say!

I promise to post something "new" before next week 'cause these date circa 2002.

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