Monday, January 29, 2007

Sorry! Been really busy with the comic project I mentioned earlier. It's been so long that I have been doing comics "seriously" that I have completely forgotten how much work it is. I just finished sketching all 10 pages, phew!
I'm not all that pleased to the results at the moment but hopefully after the inking, it's gonna come out looking a bit more to my taste. I really wanted to try something more stylized but I just fell into the realism trap. Well, it's not Realistic but just stiff! I hope to loosen it up with inking which of course sounds just the opposite how it usually goes meaning that the inking kills any vibrant pencil lines left...
We'll see, in a couple of days, I'm aiming to have at least two pages finished.
Oh, and since I don't want to post anything from the comic just yet, I'm gonna post another oldie goldie, haha. This pencil drawing was actually a present to my mom's cousin who she used to wheel around in those milk carts when they were kids in the countryside. I think it has some nice smell of hay in it. The scan is the only one I have of it and it's not again the best possible with values.

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