Sunday, January 14, 2007

From 1992, another archive "nugget" which shows the vulnerable mind of the 15-year old :) As in this post I showed, the movie Alien had a big impact on me.This little gouache painting is one of those rare ones that have sustained the the time better than the rest of my drawings from that period. It also shows me how little progress I have made...*sigh*.
Sci-fi and fantasy was close to my heart in general. The influence of Moebius is quite visible in these panels from a 10-page comic that I did probably a few years later. It appeared only in this little fanzine "Bigger Than Jesus" that my good friend (and mentor :) Mika Tossavainen and I compiled of our miscellaneous short stories. I think I have only one copy left of that somewhere. The panels are not continuous to each other, I just stumbled upon a scan of them two. (The alien's head shape appears also here on the character fighting on the balcony in the top left -corner of the left-most panel.)
I'm gonna take another long-due stab at doing some comics really soon...


  1. You know Janne. I still have a copy of the BTJ-album! I dig it up every now and then just to think back of the art school comics-class times.

    You were my hero back then... and still are! ;)

    But we still haven't done the harassment visit to Mika we have been talking about for years.

  2. I already replied this earlier but somehow it got lost hmmm...

    You've got yourself a real collector's item then :D!

    Thank you Eemeli, I'm honored to hear that although I find it just a little bit weird ;)

    Yeah and Mika, if you happen to be reading this, ship the kids to their grandma and get the beers cold and ready, we might be knockin'!